Monday, February 15, 2010

hakhak... boley plak gini...

You haven't gone 3 days in your life without a boyfriend or girlfriend. Why are you so needy? Does Being Alone really mean the end of the World? You need to take a year, maybe 2 years, off from dating. Thats right, stop Dating for a long time! During that time find a better job, follow a passion of yours and do the things that you always wanted to do. Become the perfect person you always wanted to be and enjoy the life you built for yourself. Then, like magic, a special person will want to share that life with you and it will be better then any relationship you've ever had. It's true, you are just too afraid to do it.

err... ni result kuiz.. saje2 gatai2 nk amik.. tp.. bile bace bnyk kali... ade kemungkinan.. ade bnyk bgos!! hahahaha